Weaviate-python-client or langhchain for using weaviate db

Hi Community,

We are moving to Weaviate for semantic search to be used in different usecases, what would you suggest whether we should use weaviate-python-client or langchain wrapper for weaviate.

Langchain wrapper gives more abstractive version but it may lag in being up to date wrt to weaviate.

What do you suggest ? Any help would be great!

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While Langchain brings to the table some nice tools and patterns, I would rather use Weaviate client directly in order to have more control and, as you said, be able to use latest features.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) things are changing really fast, so you will not always find all the features available in all integrations.

For instance, I am working on providing multitenancy support for Weaviate in Langchain.

I would love to learn what what else would you like to see in Langchain!


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Thanks @DudaNogueira!

I think you should use weaviate-python-client. I am developing on weaviate for about 2 months now. Lower level control is always preferred. If you want to add langchain wrappers to weaviate as a tutorial, go for it. I’ve already implemented this and it is much better to have lower level control.

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Thanks @davidwarshawsky! That makes sense.