Weaviate takes a lot of time to startup

Hi Team,
I am using weaviate docker image: weaviate:1.22.0 and I am using PERSISTENCE_DATA_PATH as some local storage.
Now for the first time it starts pretty quickly within some seconds but when I stop the weaviate (when the system restarts) and start it again, it finds data in PERSISTENCE_DATA_PATH and takes a very long to start up as it is trying to load that data in that path.
Is there a way that I can disable it from the environment variable or something and start the weaviate without loading that content and then restore whatever I need from backup?
Your help would be much appreciated.

Hi @Iammsd07 !

How many collections do you have? Also, do see any outstanding logs?

This can be caused by a large number of collections, so Weavaite can take quite some time loading all the classes into memory.

Weaviate 1.23+ has introduced Startup Time / MTTR Improvements that may help here.

Other than that, unless you backup your data somewhere, for example, using S3, start a new server, and restore from that backup, I am not sure there is other way around.

Let me know if this helps.