Weaviate Use Case with other language

Can I use Weaviate with Japanese Language?


It will depend if your LLM support it.

Here is a snippet to demonstrate that, using OPEN AI.

Ps: This is a recipe that I am writing for GitHub - weaviate/recipes: This repository shares quick notebooks on how to use various features in Weaviate. it will be published soon :wink:

generateTask = "Quelle est la nourriture traditionnelle de ce pays ? Answer in Spanish"
source_file = "brazil-wikipedia-article-text.pdf"
#source_file = "netherlands-wikipedia-article-text.pdf"

result = (
  .get("WikipediaLangChain", "text")
  .with_generate(grouped_task = generateTask)
      "operator": "Equal",
      "path": ["source"],
      "valueText": source_file
    "concepts": ["tradicional Food"]

The generated text, for instance is something like:

     "_additional": {
      "generate": {
       "error": null,
       "groupedResult": "La comida tradicional de Brasil incluye farofa (harina de mandioca), papas fritas, yuca frita, pl\u00e1tanos fritos, carne frita y queso frito, que se consumen con frecuencia ..."

So the text is indexed and vectorized in English, we did a question in French, and requested the answer in Spanish!

Isn’t that cool? :sunglasses:

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

I have already stored some japanese data in Weaviate DB. How do I query so as get some matches related to question I asked.

Above query in the response does not clear to me. I want to ask question in japanese and is expected that Weaviate will give top 5 similarities for that question.

I am also getting error message as
“message”: “explorer: get class: vectorize params: vectorize params: vectorize params: vectorize keywords: vectorizing corpus ‘[\u6d6a\u901f\u5927\u5b66\u30d7\u30ed\u30b8\u30a7\u30af\u30c8\u306e\u30c7\u30a3\u30b9\u30af\u4f7f\u7528\u91cf\u304c\u5236\u9650\u3092\u8d85\u3048\u3066\u3044\u307e\u3059]’: all words in corpus were either stopwords or not present in the contextionary, cannot build vector”

when I try to query weaviate. I am using contexionary module. is there any vectorizer module specific to Japanese language?