I’m trying to use the WeaviateHybridSearchRetriever from langchain.
The issue i encounter is the following one :
WeaviateHybridSearchRetriever Requiere the python client v3 which is deprecated

Does someone have any solution to build an hybrid search retriever with the python client v4

Thanks in advance

HI @engelsl !

I have not yet played with the new integration, to be honest :frowning:

I have used this, but for the old integration. I plan on migrating this recipe I did for the new integration:

Please, if possible, share a notebook based on that recipe with what you want to accomplish.

This helps a lot as we have a MRE minimum reproducible example to play with.


Hi @DudaNogueira Thanks a lot for your help the notebook you shared was really helpful.

I was missing creating a correctly a collection.

Now i’m facing a new error and I have trouble to see where it could come from.
May you know this error or you see it somewhere else : vector search: knn search: distance between entrypoint and query node: vector lengths don’t match: 384 vs 768", ‘path’: [‘Get’, ‘TextChunk’]}]

If you have any idea on what could have been the potential issue
I know it’s hard to think just on a error but it’s more like if you have already face this issue on previous work and you have an idea on how to solve it.

Thanks in advance

I found the solution i had to add into the collection the precise embedding model that i use also to embedded the query

Awesome, @engelsl !

Also, I have just updated that recipe today to use the new Langchain integration :slight_smile: