Adding authentication to Weaviate Verba Project

I have the weaviate verba project running via docker on my local machine and it is working perfectly. I have tried to install and run auth0 into the project but I cannot seem to get it to work. I have followed this tutorial:

When I click my login button it just keeps telling me that the http://localhost:8000/api/auth/login cannot be found (404).

Has anyone got any experience with this please?

Hi @jaydcrowe1989 !!

That is a nice feature request. If tied with multi tenancy (each new user has its own tenant), could be really interesting.

I suggest you bringing this as a feature request to the GH repo:

Verba is more a Weaviate demo than a product itself.
At least for now :speak_no_evil:

Also, if possible, expose what you have tried so far, so others can help build it together :slight_smile: