Tip for accessing Verba app in Docker container form

Do you have any tips on getting the verba app in Docker container form to work with localhost in browser.
(sudo) docker run -p : -d verba-verba

Hi! I am just playing around with this.

Hope to get improvements there soon.

Hhi @sytse06 !

I was able to run Verba on Docker now.

This was preventing the server from answering docker requests:

Let me know if you have any issues running it.

Thanks Duda, I started playing around with Docker because local installation on python 3.11 didn’t work with pip install goldenverba. Tried this out with virtual environment based on python 3.10 but still unsuccessfull on both Macos and Windows. Spent an hour on Weaviate Youtube channel and checked the issues of the Verba project on Github and saw similar obstacles for others. We will overcome!

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What issues have you faced with the updated docker install?

I got it running with docker compose up, and only had issues with Cohere Trial API.