Running Weaviate Verba via docker on a vps

I have a VPS with ubuntu and docker installed. Verba works perfectly on my local machine. I created and image and pushed it to Docker Hub. I have then putted that down onto my vps and run it. It seems to be up and running but I cannot get to it, Has anyone got any experience with setting verba up on a VPS via docker?


Hi @jaydcrowe1989 !

You can run it on a VPS. Also Hhsting weaviate yourself of use our cloud service.

Based on the docker compose from the repo, make sure that you have access to port 8000, that is mapped to verba service

Also, make sure to hide weaviate service, both by removing it’s port mapping and blocking incoming traffic to it.

Now, if you want to host it using a domain, or subdomain, you will need to also run a reverse proxy like traefik or nginx and make sure everything goes thru it.

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:


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Thank you DudaNogueira. I managed to get it up and running a vps and yeah i used nginx. Its such a cool product.

Do you know you can custom the response back from open ai? Im using model 3.5 and if you train models on open ai, you can get it to return responses for a certain age group. Just wondering if i can do the samw here.

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