Adding backup-gcs module K8s – Statefulset

Hey all,

I want to enable the backup-gcs module to my running Weaviate deployed in Google Autopilot GKE. I’m pretty new to K8s which is why I ask here for help in the Weaviate context. As I understand the docu, I need to change the Statefulset and add the “backup-gcs” as environment variable for “ENABLE_MODULES”. When I do so and also configure the “backups” section for gcs including the “envconfig” and then deploy the helm chart I receive the following error:

Error: UPGRADE FAILED: cannot patch “weaviate” with kind StatefulSet: The order in patch list: […] doesn’t match $setElementOrder list: […]

My question is how to deal with that issue?
E.g., can I simply delete the Statefulset while retaining my nodes and then upgrade the Weaviate with the enabled backup-gcs setting? I want to avoid any data loss.

Thanks in advance!

hi @troasted!

Sorry for the delay here. Were you able to solve this?

I am not sure how to solve this (I am also pretty new to k8s). But I can ask our team for advice :wink:


No problem,

I didn’t solve the problem but will simply setup a new instance with gcs backup backend activated from the beginning