Azure OIDC Client Credentials Flow - 500 Error

Hi! I am setting up OIDC authentication to Weaviate on AKS with client credentials flow in Azure, and keep running into this error when trying to connect:

UnexpectedStatusCodeException: Meta endpoint! Unexpected status code: 500, with response body: {'code': 500, 'message': "oidc: token doesn't contain required claim 'email'"}.

I am using this code for testing the connection:

client_credentials_config = weaviate.AuthClientCredentials(
  client_secret = client_secret
client = weaviate.Client(ip_url,
client.schema.get()  # Get the schema to test connection

Here is my Weaviate authentication config:

    enabled: true
    username_claim: email
    groups_claim: groups
    client_id: {client_id}
    scope: email

I do have email claim added as part of the token configuration. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Hi @belovm - did you end up resolving this? (Sorry it seems to have slipped through the cracks). Otherwise I can give this a bump and ask around internally.