Can i include fuzziness in hybrid search

Hi. I am planning to use Weviate for one of our use cases where I’m interested in storing some text (let’s say different animals - dog. puppies ) and some metadata. I want to make sure that when the user searches for poppyes results come as part of both keyword and vector searches with results including dog, and puppies. so here puppies come in the results after the fuzzy check.

so I wanted to check the implementation of the above if there is any. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

this sounds like a use case for hybrid search

@hsm207, Hey yes I am aware of the hybrid search feature. Still, we do have a parameter to adjust fuzziness inside the hybrid search for the results coming as part of the keyword search. I want to ensure I include fuzziness in my keyword search and have vector search using hybrid search. Does it work that way?

Hi @chinnu !

the alpha parameter from the Hybrid search will define the balance between keyword and vector search:

Use the alpha argument to change how much each search affects the results.

An alpha of 1 is a pure vector search.
An alpha of 0 is a pure keyword search.