Can not delete all objects

Dear community, I have got an interesting behaviour in HA Weaviate cluster, here is what we have done:

  • we deleted big number of objects
  • after that, we do a search and we still see ~ 1.7K objects, which we have deleted
  • the number of found objects returned from the search is different (+/- 100 objects) - it looks like it depends on which cluster node the request ends

I’ve gone trough the CAP implementation consideration in Weaviate, but I doubt it is related to eventual consistency as after 24h we still observe the behaviour above.
PS: We use Weaviate Cloud service

Hi @insightloop !

I have escalated this issue with our core team, they are looking into it already.

Thanks for reporting!

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Do maybe need some additional information? I am happy to provide details if needed.

Thank you.