Changing autocut changes score

Hi, I’m trying out the new autocut feature and from what I understand increasing autocut should show more results of a lower score.

However, when I increased autocut on my query from 1 to 2 without changing any other parameter, not only were new results added, but the top scoring result changed along with the scores of the previously shown results.

Is autocut supposed to affect score too, in a way that not only are more results appended but results are also reordered as autocut increases?

Hi @arshad172 - how much is the score changing? I’ve seen that sometimes very small numerical changes may be observed but that’s not unique to autocut.

it’s changing by 0.05 in one of my test cases, essentially 5% which seems considerable?

I’ve submitted a support ticket and happy to provide my test data if yall need it to replicate what I’m seeing.

Thanks @arshad172 - if you’ve submitted a ticket I’ll wait to see how that gets resolved. Pls let us know how you get on - happy to follow up from my end as well. Cheers!