Could not imports objects into collection


I am not able to add any object to collection. Though the collection is created successfully. I am using Cloud Sandbox. I am able to see the collection is created. But the following code fails. I am using Spacy to generate vector for my text columns

from weaviate.util import generate_uuid5

with SkillSet.batch.rate_limit(2400) as batch:

for index, row in df.iterrows():
    doc = nlp(row['SkillSet'])
    vec = doc.vector
    SkillSet_obj = {
        "employeeId": df['EmpId'],
        "skills": df['SkillSet'],
        vector=vec,  # Add the custom vector
        # references=reference_obj  # You can add references here

if len(SkillSet.batch.failed_objects) > 0:
print(f"Failed Again to import {len(SkillSet.batch.failed_objects)} objects")

Server Setup Information

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  • Multitenancy?:

Any additional Information


Can’t exactly reproduce this code.

you need to make sure that SkillSet_obj is a dict, like {“text”: “something”, “description”: "Other thing}

and that vec is a list of dimensions, live [1,3.4,-1.234, 1] etc

Check here for a quick intro on this: