Batch import new data into collection with error

I have 5 objects in my product collection and am trying to add 100 more.

I can print each object and I see them, the error message from weaviate is this:

ErrorObject(message='WeaviateInsertInvalidPropertyError(“It is forbidden to insert id or vector inside properties: {'id': '1', 'name': 'Smartwatche 1', 'category': 'Smartwatches', 'description': 'Ergonomic design for comfort', 'price': 914.97, 'tags': ['sound quality', 'durable', 'affordable']}. Only properties defined in your collection's config can be inserted as properties of the object, id is totally forbidden as it is reserved and vector is forbidden at this level. You should use the DataObject class if you wish to insert an object with a custom vector whilst inserting its properties.”)

Nevermind I found the erorr - added a property that wasnt aligned with schema - (ID)

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hi @Hamdi_Hmimy !!

Thanks for sharing :hugs:

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