Data Synchronization Between Two k8s Clusters

Hello. Teams.

We currently operate two Kubernetes clusters for our operational environment. In the scenario where we deploy Weaviate on each cluster separately, I am exploring potential methods for data synchronization between the two clusters.

Specifically, I am interested in whether there is a way to replicate the results of embedding data from Weaviate on Cluster 1 to also be replicated on Cluster 2.

Could you please advise if such a mechanism exists or if there are alternative approaches to achieve this synchronization?

Thank you for your assistance and insights into this matter.

hi @Rio !

AFAIK, we don’t have such a feature.

I see two approaches for this.

First one is doing a full backup from clusterSource, deleting all collections from clusterTarget and restoring.

Or, setting up a process to copy objects that were inserted/update on a time windows over to the targetSource.

Of course, this will depend on your use case.

Also, I have not found such a feature request in our GH, so please, feel free to do so:


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