Disable UDP in weaviate & improve documentation of UDP use

Hello Team,
we are currently using weaviate vectordb in our RAG implementations (with langchain) with success.
In our production environment (on-premises cloud environment) UDP is disabled, do you know if there’s any way to disable UDP and have weaviate use TCP only connections?
Right now, in our multi-node weaviate cluster, every few seconds we can find a new line on weaviate’s log, similar to:

“…UDP probes failed, network may be misconfigured”

Weaviate seems to use this component internally, but I’m unsure about if we can configure it:

Also, I think that the UDP requirement should be mentioned in weaviate
documentation: in local (docker-compose based) deploy it shouldn’t be a problem but it can be when deploying a multi-node weaviate cluster in a on-premises cloud environment.

Great product and community

Hello, I also have same topic as above.

I have a few questions regarding MEMBERLIST that I need to address. In our production environment, we have set up Docker on three servers, with each Docker container acting as a node, utilizing MEMBERLIST for a triple redundancy configuration. I found that Weaviate use MEMBERLIST to discover nodes within the DB cluster. Everything connected well in the development environment, but upon moving to the production environment, we encountered connection issues. It appears that the problem lies with the UDP connections used by the MEMBERLIST module for node discovery. Each server in the production environment is protected by a firewall, which restricts UDP-based node discovery.

I have two questions:

  1. Is there a way to identify each MEMBERLIST without using UDP connections, by only specifying the IP, gossip port, and data port of each node? It’s challenging to request port openings in the production environment due to strict restrictions.
  2. If UDP port usage is inevitable, can we narrow down the range of UDP ports? The production environment does not allow for a wide range of ports to be opened. I would like to know how to adjust these settings.