[Docs] defaul limit?

Hi folks,

I got a specific questions and a general suggestion.

Specific question: Do I understand correctly that there is no default limit for near_text queries?

General suggestion: Please spell out what should be obvious. I know, this is not the most interesting part of our jobs, but 10 min for work here ca save the client-side engineers hours. The current example would be to clearly state that the default limitation to a Get query is infinite (if it is).

My warmest regards and with sincere admiration for you work,


Hi Filipp -

Thanks for your suggestion. Query limits are controlled by two environment variables.

QUERY_MAXIMUM_RESULTS sets the limit on how many objects are retrieved.
QUERY_DEFAULTS_LIMIT sets the limit on how many objects are returned.

QUERY_MAXIMUM_RESULTS is a limit on the data set that gets processed internally. QUERY_DEFAULTS_LIMIT is a limit on how many objects are returned in the query response.