Near_object() Bug

Hi I am encountering a potenial bug with near_object operator. What I seeing see is that when the with_limit operator is used in the GQL It forces results to be much less than the limit and only when the with_limit can you get more than a few results. For example:

When I use the GQL query I only get 4 objects:
{Get{Product(limit: 1000 nearObject: {id: “2a7b1644-c406-2222-96d8-2410adc76ab1”} ){product_id}}}
But if I exclude the limit param and just use the following then I get 47 results:
{Get{ENPCXProduct(nearObject: {id: “2a7b1644-c406-2222-96d8-2410adc76ab1”} ){product_id}}}

Why would this be the case?

Hi @Landon_Edwards !

Sorry to hear about that.

Could we connect to work on a python notebook that reproduces this behavior?

This is the best way to raise it to our core team, as it will give them a reproducible example to work with.


HI @DudaNogueira I am not sure how I can provide code to reproduce this error. as I am working on multi replica setup (7 replicas) deployed on K8 using your helm charts. So I am not sure that using embedded or cloud service option would result in similar results.

Additionally the data that I am using is private so I cant share the data pipelines that I am using. Never the less I am open to trying this method. Is there any good example notebooks you can point me towards that I can modify to try and reproduce this issue?