[Docs] weaviate.py issue not mentioned in Quickstart

Naming the script weaviate.py creates some issues with importing, which the Quickstart guide doesn’t cover.

There’s also a Python-specific issue (I was using the v3 client) where you can’t successfully run any of the scripts without setting up a virtual environment in your terminal. I would mention how to use these workarounds in the Quickstart Guide at Quickstart Tutorial | Weaviate - Vector Database!

@khani thank’s for your feedback.

If you name the script weaviate.py, that interferes with python’s namespace handling.

The client should be imported as weavite but the local weaviate.py file name means python tries to import the file into itself.

You don’t have to set up a virtual environment, but it’s a good idea to do so. Creating a new virtual environment for each python projects helps to avoid dependency problems. That said, you will have to install the weaviate client library and the requests library into whichever environment you use.