Does weaviate accept raw data, hashes and dates with vectors related to it

Hi , Currently i am working on Hugging face model which embed the scrapped article from the website and storing the vectors in the weaviate. I am having a database for the scrapped articles with columns id,url,title, description. The article description is too large, so i am chunking before feeding it to the model. So i want to know that whether weaviate do accept text and dates with vectors related to it or not. I am using a cryptographic hash for the id column. And i want the data to be stored in the following format (with its meta data) while appending. Apologies if my understanding towards weaviate is wrong. Please respond with corresponding tutorial link or appropriate code. Thanks

(hash_id, vector, {“id”: id, “url”: link, “chunk-id”: chunk-id, “title”:title, “description”: raw_text_of_chunked_text, date: date })

Hi! You can both bring your own vectors or let Weaviate vectorize it for you.

So when you search, Weaviate will vectorize your query and query it against the stored data.

Instead of bringing your own vectors, and let Weaviate vectorize it for you, you wilk have a fine grain control on which fields will be vectorized, and everytime you change those fields, it will vectorize it for you.

Let me know if this helps.
For the record, I believe I have answered thisnin our slack too :sweat_smile: