Error in your quickstart code?

Trying to follow Quickstart Tutorial | Weaviate - Vector Database at step 4
I get the following error:
UnexpectedStatusCodeException: Create class! Unexpected status code: 422, with response body: {'error': [{'message': 'vectorizer: no module with name "text2vec-openai" present'}]}.
Please note that in the code I see a “text2vec_openai” but in the error message a “text2vec_openai” strings.
What gives? Thanks

Replying to myself in case someone is confused as I was :slight_smile:

The error was caused since my docker-compose file did NOT enable the text2vec-openai model. Now all good!

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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haha 我也遇到这个问题了, 折腾了很久

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