Error using weaviate with langchain.js

My cluster’s name is: russel

Why do I get the following problem while try to do this:

let builder = this.client.graphql
                .withFields(`${this.queryAttrs.join(" ")} _additional { distance vector }`)
                    vector: query,
                    distance: filter?.distance,
            if (this.tenant) {
                builder = builder.withTenant(this.tenant);
            if (filter?.where) {
                builder = builder.withWhere(filter.where);

This statement gives me this error:
builder = builder.withWhere(filter.where);

Error in similaritySearch Error: Cannot query field “russel” on type “GetObjectsObj”. Did you mean “Russel”?: {“response”:{“errors”:[{“locations”:[{“column”:6,“line”:1}],“message”:“Cannot query field "russel" on type "GetObjectsObj". Did you mean "Russel"?”,“path”:null}],“status”:200,“headers”:{}},“request”:{“query”:"{Get{russel(nearVector:


Can you check if all properties that gets joined in ${this.queryAttrs.join(" ") has it’s equivalent property in the collection?

Also, we strongly suggest using the new python and typescript version as they deliver a lot of improvements over is previous version.


Solution. New version of Weaviate.

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