[Feedback] Typescript client `v3.beta` released

We’ve just put out a beta for our Typescript client and would love to hear what you think of it.

Check it out on npm or run in your terminal with npm i weaviate-client@3.0.0-beta.1.

A few things have changed with this new version. For Node applications, we import the client as follows import weaviate from weaviate-client/node There are a few things to note.

If you’re using Typescript, your tsconfig.json file must be specified with (at least) "module": "Node16" and "moduleResolution": "Node16" .A majority of the API is ready to be tested, if you have any problems, please open an issue on the client repo.

We’ve also put together a Typescript script to give you an idea of how use the new client.As we approach a stable version, we’ll share more resources and a guide to help migrate and understand the changes.

Happy testing! Looking forward to the feedback!


Any migration guide or list of change doc. available yet?

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hey @Lawrence_Hope , we have an example script that shows basic operations with the new client.

It’s still an early beta so we’re aiming for a full migration guide when the stable is out. We will publish a blog post with a lot of the changes soon though. Hopefully this is helpful.