[Feedback] Announcing the Weaviate Typescript Client Beta

🫸 Announcing the Weaviate Typescript Client Beta

Last week we published this blogpost detailing everything we added to the new Typescript client.

We’re running the beta for a few more weeks and would love any feedback you can give us on it.

Get started using it with npm install weaviate-client --tag beta or yarn add weaviate-client@beta

We’re also actively documenting everything as we go. At the moment we’ve got…

If there’s a section you’d like added, or see something weird in the documentation, reach out! We’ve already had members putting in PRs to the docs, thank you!

As a bonus, we have a bunch of really useful recipes in our recipes-ts repository.Excited to have you try it. Let us know what you think


We really appreciate all the feedback to make our clients the best client for you :wink: