Hopelessly lost in a query to fetch the most recent object before a certain date

My collection has an isoEditionDate property that is an RFC3339 datetime.

I had inserted 140K objects which I know have an isoEditionDate between 2023-12-31 and 2013-01-01.

I then started inserting new objects that have a date between 1980-01-01 and 2012-12-31 but the process died somewhere in the middle.

I am trying to identify the object with the most recent isoEditionDate but prior to a value of 2013-01-01 to know where I need to restart from.


  "query": "{ Get { Articles_intfloat_multilingual_e5_large(limit: 1, offset: 0, sort: [{path: [\"isoEditionDate\"], order: desc}], where: {path: [\"isoEditionDate\"], operator: LessThan, valueDate: \"2023-02-01T00:00:00Z\"}) { isoEditionDate } } }"

but this responds with the earliest date in the collection and I know for sure there are more recent ones (which I can peek at if I up the limit to 10.000 where I see a 1987-04-12, but I cannt use a number larger than 10000 nor it’s what I want).