Installing weaviate on openshift


I installed weaviate on a openshift cluster using the helm chart. I can able to acess the v1/schema endpoint. But when I try to access any other endpoint, I am getting application not available error. What could be the problem

Server Setup Information

  • Weaviate Server Version:
  • Deployment Method: Helm
    Chart name
    Chart version
    App version

hi @Rajesh_Kumar_Boda! Welcome to our community!

Do you see all pods running as expected?

Any outstanding logs from pods or service or events?


Hi @DudaNogueira Thank you for welcoming.
yes, I see all pods are running.
I tried deploying by manually creating deployment and service yaml. Even then I saw the same issue. After changing the default path to “/” instead of “/v1/search”, I was able to access all Urls. Now I am trying to see If I can change the default path to “/” when deployed through Helm. I cannot find any such field in Values.yaml to change the default path. I keep trying that. Let me know If you have any thoughts. Thank you in advance.


I wouldn’t remove the /v1/* path as the clients will expect for that part.

Even if you are not using a client and querying directly, this would remove this functionality.