Is it possible to assign a new class to the "data" of a deleted class?

I am a newbie using weaviate and just do some experimenting
I have created a class with a name “WmoInfo”. I have loaded a bunch of documents using langchain and created a vectorstore with the following code:
weaviate_vectorstore = Weaviate.from_documents(documents=texts,
after it is created I accidentally delete the “WmoInfo” class.
I am using weaviate with a local docker container.
I can see in the weaviate_data volume still exists.
see below screen shot:

Is it possible to create a new class (maybe with the same name) and assigned it to the vectorstore?


When you delete a class, all data will be deleted too.

So if you create a new class, even with the same name, it will a brand new one.

Unless you backup and restore that data, you cannot restore it like that.

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile: