[Question] Deletion of data from the cluster without using uuid

Suppose I want to save some data temporarily in the Vector database and delete that data from Vector database without using the uuid. Means I don’t want to hold the uuid for the deletion of data after finishing the use of it.

hi @Sri_Kumar_Aryan !

Not sure I understood your question.

But, if you have a way to filter out those objects, you could delete them by performing a delete many operation, like described here:

Let me know if this helps.


See, I want to delete these using the class name that I’ve created with.

So you want to delete the entire class?

Yes, I want to delete the entire class.
Can I use these client.schema.delete_class(“abc”) ?

That’s right!

When you delete the collection, all objects, indexes just vanish.

However, when you delete the objects, Weaviate will mark them as deleted and eventually delete them.

Here you can have the corresponding docs on how to delete a collection using different clients:


Is a schema and collections are same or they are different. Or collections or class name is same that we are using v3.

They are all the same :slight_smile:

We initially called it a class, but now we have settled at collection :joy:

Although, I understand that a schema is the definition of a collection.

Sorry for the confusion :upside_down_face: