Random Data deletion

Hi all , i have been using text2vec model from weaviate by deploying it on azure using docker image i get from weaviate, the issue i am facing now for several time is that the data i upload to this weaviate instance gets deleted even the schema also randomly after some time , i dont know if others are also facing this issue , but i need your help in knowing what can be the reason for this and the solution for the same

Hi Gautam :wave:

You mentioned your data gets deleted randomly. Is it possible that the Docker config file doesn’t have data persistence set up?
(See this page Persistence | Weaviate - vector database)


I suspect that you have somewhere in your code a line that deletes all schema:


It is best to remove this, or comment out.

We used this for some example projects, where we wanted to reset the database before each run. However, it is easy to miss that.

Note, we are trying not to include that line anymore in our examples.