Is there a consequence if we enable some invertedIndexConfig properties of a class?

We are thinking to re-create our existing class as we need to enable indexNullState since its not possible to update an existing class config and we really need to query some properties with isNull

So just a quick question, is there like performance impact (e.g., slow saving) if we enable this as well as the following:

  • indexTimestamps
  • indexPropertyLength

It has a note → Using these features requires more resources, as the additional inverted indices must be created/maintained for the lifetime of the class. but would like to elaborate more on this please so we could understand what stuffs we need to increase to achieve this (e.g., CPU? RAM?)


I wouldn’t know the exact overhead those options would bring, but I understand that Weaviate has a clear focus on performance. I believe that’s why those are off by default.

It will probably take some more time for managing data, as there are more indexes to take care.

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