Mmap file: cannot allocate memory on WCS


I am getting the following error with Weaviate Cloud Service, whenever I send a collection.query.near_vector query.

weaviate.exceptions.WeaviateQueryError: Query call with protocol GRPC search failed with message explorer: get class: vector search: object vector search at index text: shard text_UdoMEVcunseU: Unable to load shard UdoMEVcunseU: init shard "text_UdoMEVcunseU": init shard "text_UdoMEVcunseU": shard db: create objects bucket: init disk segments: init segment segment-1714683153537046308.db: mmap file: cannot allocate memory.

In addition to that, on the dashboard, it also shows 0 dimensions stored, which is not true because it was also saying I have reached the memory limit and I had to type REQUESTSCALE or something.

Server Setup Information

hi @yiyangps !

We are already looking into this issue.

As this is a WCS operation issue, please, send an email to so we can escalate it internally.