Multi-tenant cross-reference


As mentioned here
A cross-reference can be added from a multi-tenancy collection object to:

  • A non-multi-tenancy collection object,

problem Statement:
I have two class A { price, Has_Item} & B { item} .
A with multi tenancy and B with without it.
I have CrossRef from A → B
When I tried to fetch information from

jeopardy = client.collections.get(“A”).with_tenant(‘1234’)
response = jeopardy.query.fetch_objects(
return_references=wvc.query.QueryReference(link_on=“Has_Item”, return_properties=[“item”]),
for o in response.objects:

Above query gives error such as
list class: search: resolve cross-refs: build reference cache: build request cache: fetch job list: index “B”: class B has multi-tenancy disabled, but request was with tenant.

How should i read those object as weaviate already mentioned they are supporting this type of cross-ref ?

Server Setup Information

  • Weaviate Server Version: latest version
  • Client Language and Version: V4


This scenario is interesting to create a notebook so it gets easily reproducible.

I will be away the next couple days, but could do that when I get back.


I’m waiting for your response ?

Help me solve this puzzle

hi @2020ashish ! Really sorry.

I was out those days and only got back now :grimacing:

Were you able to reproduce something?

No, still on same page.