Cross-references with multi-tenant classes and Hybrid search

Cross-references in hybrid search (with multi-tenant object) resulting in error with Weaviate 1.20.0. See query:

  Get {
      limit: 50
      hybrid: {
        query: "My text query"
        vector: [
          // ...
        alpha: 0.5
        properties: ["text"]
        fusionType: relativeScoreFusion
      consistencyLevel: ONE
      tenant: "..."
      autocut: 1
    ) {
      references {
        ... on Foo {

I am interested in retrieving attributes on cross-referenced object in the same class, within the same tenant. Please note: this is working perfectly when using nearVector searches, as opposed to hybrid.

Error Iā€™m receiving:

hybrid search post-processing: resolve cross-refs: build reference cache: build request cache: fetch job list: index "foo": class Foo has multi-tenancy enabled, but request was without tenant

The query was generated using the Python v3 client. What am I doing wrong here?

Hi @vicbarbu - are you able to use the latest version of Weaviate to test whether this is still the case?