Nested objects in schema cause Error: Property "nestedProperties" is not known

Hello, I try to create schema for collection/class in Weaviate using new nested object available from v1.22. I’m using v1.22.3. I try to add following property (taken from documentation:

 [...other props],
        "name": "body",
        "dataType": ["object[]"], # Array of objects. `object` and `object[]` are available from `1.22`.
        "nestedProperties": [
                "name": "chunk",
                "dataType": ["text"],
                "name": "chunk_no",
                "dataType": ["int"],

But I get following error:

weaviate.exceptions.SchemaValidationException: Property "nestedProperties" is not known.

When I remove the property from props list it works. Is there something i missed?

Ok, for future reference I needed to update Python Client to v3.25 :slight_smile:

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Hi @kokogrr !!

I was about to dig into this issue, and glad to see you were able to figure this out.

Nice catch and thanks for sharing!