Problems restoring from weaviate backup


Using python weaviate-client 3.26.0, I took a back-up of my weaviate data using the following:

def save_weaviate_data(server, timestamp):
backup_id = server + ‘_’ + timestamp
client = weaviate.Client(“http://localhost:8081”)
result = client.backup.create(backup_id=backup_id, backend=“s3”, wait_for_completion=True)

When I try to restore the data, I get the following error:
weaviate.exceptions.UnexpectedStatusCodeException: Backup restore! Unexpected status code: 422, with response body: {‘error’: [{‘message’: ‘unable to restore backup as it was produced by a higher version: 2.1 > 2.0’}]}

Any suggestions would be most helpful

Server Setup Information

  • Weaviate Server Version: 1.23.15
  • Deployment Method: docker container image: semitechnologies/weaviate:latest
  • Multi Node? Number of Running Nodes: 1
  • Client Language and Version: python weaviate-client 3.26.0

Any additional Information

Aha - I have fixed this now. Turns out, I was trying to restore data to a different weaviate instance but that target instance was a different version that the one I did the back up from. Updated the target weaviate instance version and it all just worked. Hope this helps anyone else that finds themselves in the same boat. Worth noting that my docker-compose file was using the weaviate:latest image - when I created the target instance, the “latest” image was at a higher version.

please don’t use latest:slight_smile: