Query that retrieves data from the cloud cannot display vectors

I use streamlit to connect with weaviate then create a schema to push to the cloud but cannot query the vector. I think it’s because the schema created by streamlit can’t run text2vec. I don’t know how to handle it

Hi! It would be helpful if you can share some code, otherwise, is very hard to help.

Have you seen this repo?

Yes, I followed this tutorial to create a schema but they don’t use text2vec so I don’t know how to implement it properly. I use conn but it doesn’t have the crete_schema attribute
Here is the code that creates my local schema. But I can’t query the vector

Hi, this is really hard to reproduce as your code doesnt seem to be complete: some methods seems to be missing, like DataProcess()

It really helps if you can provide a python notebook for example that can consistently reproduce the issue you are facing and have all the imports.