Unable to connect to vector db using RetrievalQA chain

Created a schema with text2vec-openai vectorizer at class and property level. Trying to query the schema with RetrievalQA chain and trying to run the chain using a langchain agent which throws error : NotImplementedError: Saving not supported for this chain type.

Am I missing anything here? What is the correct langchain chain name for getting data from vector db?

Also, when creating a weaviate client we specify only one Class and one property (vectorstore = Weaviate(client, “ClassName”, “PropertyName”). How to query on multiple properties or is there a way to specify multiple properties to query?

Hi @Sriparna,
I’ve just realised we haven’t gotten back to you yet. My apologies :pray:

This sounds more like a question/request for the LangChain community.
Could you try to repost your question on LangChain’s Discord?