[Question] Weaviate Embedded: collection not getting saved

Hi I am working with weaviate embedded on google collab. Is there any way to save a collection (along with the created embeddings) on weaviate embedded? Everytime the notebook runtime ends I have to create the collection and import the data and make embeddings again from scratch. Shouldn’t the collection get saved automatically once it has been created? Any help is appreciated.

hi @Surabhi_Trivedi !! Welcome to our community!

This probably happens due to how Google Collab works.

By default, Weaviate Embedded will store the data locally. You can check where (or change that path) here:

the option is persistence_data_path

Maybe for each Google Collab session, a new context is created. So you will probably need to store this data elsewhere.

Note that this may impact performance, as the data will need to be persisted/read somewhere else.

Let me know if this helps.


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Thank you for your help!

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