Replicas in different machine of same cluster

Hi Team , we have a cluster setup for weaviate in two different machines(6 nodes each machine with 3 nodes). we set the replcation factor to 2 . the replica have to be in the other machines node for handling machine/rack failure, not in the 2 nodes of same machine . How to achieve it?


Interesting question :slight_smile: Thanks for asking!

If you define the replication factor to 4, you will probably get it, but it may be too much :grimacing:

I have asked internally if there is a better approach.


Hi @DudaNogueira got anything about replication I asked?

Same question. Any updates on this?

Not yet :frowning:

I believe that 1.25 and 1.26 will give us more control over this as dynamic scale and raft will come into play, as per the roadmap:

have you tried increasing the number of shards? this may force it to spread more on those nodes.