Text2vec-transformers seg faulting on Mac OS Silicon

Hi, I am trying to use a text2vec-transformer as my vectorizer. I have tried pulling a standard supplied image

  • semitechnologies/transformers-inference:distilbert-base-uncased

I have also tried the custom image approach, downloading the models from HuggingFace, and tried using 2 different models. They all resulted in seg faults.

In all cases the endpoint seg faults when I try to POST to the route /vectors. The liveliness + readiness + /meta routes are all good. I can even see the FastApi /docs page.

I am running on Mac OS Silicon chip and verified that the image is for ARM64 architecture.

Ideas? I even tried tags other than latest.

Hello, hmm this might be connected with the latest torch library. Can you switch to semitechnologies/transformers-inference:distilbert-base-uncased-1.8.4 and let me know if the seg fault is gone?

Segfault resolved with this version. Thank you!