Verba: Restrict some of the front end functionality to admin only


Hi, I was wanting to lock down some of the functionality on the front end. For example hiding the Documents tab unless you are logged in as an admin. I understand that out of the box you can restrict access but I was wondering if I could only do it for certain features?

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this in on our console, right?

Can you point me exactly where is this?


Thank you for the reply. I should have been more specific and said this is the example chatbot project Verba. It is awesome and exactly what i am after. What I would like to do now is put this into a production environment, upload my documents but then, restrict the add documents button and page etc. to be behind a logged in user. I know there is a condition that hides the button for production but i want to allow certain people to add documents. I have looked into implementing this as a custom solution on top of the project but I was wondering if there was anything out of the box for this please?

I’m really interested in this response, DudaNogueira.

Hi @jaydcrowe1989 and @Arturo_Zambrano !

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Verba uses FastApi, so implementing robust auth is some code away.

I believe the best path here is to state that as a feature request on it’s repo:

With that we can measure popular features, and also channel all discussions around it.

One “hacky” and easier way I see right now to overcome this scenario would be to allow to run a Verba Instance on a READONLY mode.

With that you can spin an instance that will be readonly for the general use, and then a second one, with READONLY set to false, even temporarily only for the user with access, that could be used to import data.

Please, feel free to open the feature request in Verba repo.