Weaviate 1.19 release

We are happy to announce the release of Weaviate 1.19, which brings a set of great features, performance improvements, and fixes:

  1. Group by arbitrary property – The groupBy option has been introduced to Get object retrieval, so you can group search results by any property.
  2. New (or improved) Data Types – Datatypes changes with text having faster filtering & more tokenization options while deprecating string to reduce complexity, and adding uuid to allow efficient uuid storage.
  3. Generative Cohere Module – Combines the best of Weaviate, retrieving and searching relevant documents with the generative capabilities of the models that Cohere is cooking up!
  4. Tunable Consistency for Vector Search and GraphQL Get Requests – Consistency tuning with replication is now available for vector search with Get requests.
  5. gRPC API support(experimental) – gRPC API support slowly being trialled, with some big potential for speedups.

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