What if i'm deploying my Weaviate to different instance with my python-client and wanted to use Cross-references

so I just read a documentation for cross-reference here at add cross-reference

And i found this warning
Screenshot from 2023-10-30 16-00-27

I’m wondering if I have a different instance within my Weaviate DB and my python-client, i need to use the Actual hostname in order to target and connect my Weaviate DB instances from my python-client instance.
When i try to add a cross-reference for some classes in Weaviate, since i’m actually using the actual hostname to connect, does is it fine using that hostname when i’m adding a cross-reference? or i still need to reinstantiate the hostname to localhost?

Any helps and insight are appreciated, Thank you

Hi @Krisbiantoro_Prabowo ! Welcome to our Community :hugs:

There is no such option, connecting one reference to an external object in another weaviate server.

You should always use localhost.

Let me know if that helps.


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Aaah so i got your point, whatever which hostname we use to connect to our Weaviate. In the “beacon” of object properties it will use “localhost”, which means it will target the same Weaviate instance.

It’s pretty much clear now, thanks!

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