A suggestion to make the documentation more efficient

I really love weaviate and admire the huge effort to build a product that I find unbelievably useful but as a beginner sometimes I am stuck because the documentation is too fragmented.

What I mean is that for example if you read a tutorial on using cross references you get a good example on how to use it:

questions = client.collections.get("JeopardyQuestion")


but this would be immensely clearer if you could also see the corresponding collection definition of both JeopardyQuestion and the JeopardyCategory collections.

More generally the way you setup your server (in the case of self-hosted), the way you declare your collections and the way you query or otherwise use them are all related.

Wouldn’t it be possible in the example of the cross-reference query to also have a link to corresponding collection definitions? And when necessary to corresponding server setups (such as including a given module)?

My 2 beginner’s cents :slight_smile:

The other thing I sometimes struggle is understanding where some classes/function come from. See for example this top of a program I wrote to understand cross-references:

import weaviate
from weaviate.util import generate_uuid5
from weaviate.exceptions import WeaviateBaseError
from weaviate.classes.data import DataReference
import weaviate.classes.config as wvcc
from weaviate.classes.query import QueryReference

what would be the best way to know which class/function is “hidden” where?

You all take care.

hi @rjalex !! Thanks again for being an amazing community user!

I will make sure to pass this along to our doc team!


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