withHybrid properties always errors

I’m using the withHybrid option which generally works. However when I add properties, I always get and error:

Argument "hybrid" has invalid value {query: "bm25", alpha: 0.75, properties: ["url", "title"]}.
In field "properties": Unknown field.: {"response":{"errors":[{"locations":[{"column":26,"line":1}],"message":"Argument \"hybrid\" has invalid value {query: \"bm25\", alpha: 0.75, properties: [\"url\", \"title\"]}.\nIn field \"properties\": Unknown field.","path":null}],"status":200,"headers":{}},"request":{"query":"{Get{WeaviateDocs(hybrid:{query:\"bm25\",alpha:0.75,properties:[\"url\",\"title\"]},limit:6){contentArray url role title _additional { id distance }}}}"}}

My code is:

response = await client.graphql
  .withFields("contentArray url role title _additional { id distance }")
        query: query, 
        alpha: 0.75,  
        properties: ['url', 'title'] 

This is using the latest typescript client 1.4.0. As you can see, both of the properties do exist in weaviate, and are retrieved fine as long as I leave out the properties property.

what weaviate version are you using?

I was on 1.18 - didn’t see a version requirement in the docs in the section around hybrid search. I’ve upgraded and initial tests don’t yield an error.