Backup/Restore APIs

I had some questions about the backup and restore apis: Backups | Weaviate - Vector Database.

  • Is there any plan here to allow restoring classes by renaming them in the target cluster? The documentation in the link says that the restore fails if that class is already present in the target cluster.
  • Also, is there any plan to use the include/exclude parameters on a tenant level if we have a multi-tenant class backup/restore scenario (i.e. backup and restore only the delta tenants between the source and target instances)
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Hi @shaunak !

Welcome to our community :hugs:

Those are really nice suggestions.

Do you mind creating a feature request as an issue in our Github?

In our roadmap, we have this feature request that slightly touches this area.

And as it approaches to be planned, it would be interesting to review all those features that helps on backups and operation.