Restore a backup on another node

I’m trying to restore a backup from a Weaviate class an another node. This fails with errors like:
“resolve node name “0d83d09dea6c” to host’”

It looks like the hostname from the original node is embedded in the backup and the restore process fails because it tries to resolve the old hostname!?

Any idea how I can get this working?

Hi! Welcomet to our community :hugs:

Check this out

set environment variable

Thanks for your reply.

After setting CLUSTER_HOSTNAME I can restore the backup on a new node.

Now when I create a backup on the new node the ID “0d83d09dea6c” is used again. This means I’ll have to stick to the ID as long as I’m doing backups. This is strange but ok.

Is it recommended to set CLUSTER_HOSTNAME to something like a logical node name from the beginning?

It is. Was this an old deployment being upgraded, right?

You can also move data around using this guide: