Contributing to Open Source

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to open source and have been exploring the “Weaviate-python-client” repo. During the setup and installation, there are three modules for test (integration, mock_test, test). I see that there’s a huge number of tests failing and at least one test failing in each module.

Is this fine or am I doing something wrong? If so, should I be looking to fix these before attempting to contribute?


hi @reddy.buddy ! Welcome to our community :hugs: !

First, thank you for your interest in contributing! We really appreciate it.

I believe the best path here is to open a new issue on that repo stating this. Our devs are always watching it closely, and can provide more info and guidance for the next steps.

Also, you can join us in our community slack and talk with our devs from there.

Let me know if this helps!


Thanks for the response @DudaNogueira.

I’ve already joined slack post the SF workshop. Opened a new issue in the repo.

Awaiting response!

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