Database migration from one cluster to other


I need to migrate our production database by copying the data from the physical volume of our current Kubernetes (k8s) cluster to a new physical volume in a different k8s cluster. There are no configurations for S3 or any physical backup modules in the current production database setup. I need to understand if this approach will work and if there are any additional operations required after copying the data.

Server Setup Information

  • Weaviate Server Version: weaviate:1.24.8
  • Deployment Method: K8s
  • Multi Node? Number of Running Nodes: 1
  • Client Language and Version: Python 3.10.14
  • Multitenancy?: No

hi @Syed_Mustafa !! Welcome to our community!

As it seems you have access to that server configuration you could enable the backup-filesystem module, (considering that you have only 1 node. If multi node, you must use s3 or gcp), and configure a volume under the path defined by the env. variable BACKUP_FILESYSTEM_PATH

Then you initiate the backup, copy those files over to the target cluster (that should have the very same version from source) and restore.

Or, you can migrate your data to a new cluster, as described on this migration guide:

Let me know if this helps!