Error in getting node status

Hi , I am using weaviate latest version and v4 client. When runnning
client.cluster.nodes(), it shows. KeyError: ‘stats’
but i have list of collections and data inside them

Hi @dharanish can you share the full code snippet please?

This, for example, works for me:

    nodes_info = client.cluster.nodes(
        collection="JeopardyQuestion",  # If omitted, all collections will be returned
        output="verbose"  #  If omitted, will be "minimal"

    for node in nodes_info:
        for shard in node.shards:

hi @jphwang , for output=‘verbose’ it works fine for me, but for minimal
nodes_info =client.cluster.nodes(output=‘minimal’)

getting KeyError: ‘stats’

Odd. What version of the client are you running?

Would you be able to try upgrading iwth pip install -U weaviate-client and run the script again please?